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B&C Millwork



B&C Millwork offers a wide variety of finished millwork, designed and manufactured to satisfy our customer’s particular needs. We start with the finest soft textured Radiata Pine from well managed and sustainable plantation forests in Chile. Our highly trained craftsmen, using the latest in manufacturing technology and state of the art machinery, work carefully to create the highest quality products and satisfy the most demanding requirements. Paying special attention to the smallest of details, we will guarantee your complete satisfaction. It is our promise to you!


  1. Bare

  2. Latex Primed

  3. Oil primed

  4. Treated Vascol Azure and Primed, available for Interior and Exterior applications.

B&C Millwork are finger jointed, edge glued, molded raw and primed adding additional stability, ensuring profiles that lay true and flat. In our process, we start with clear # 1 finger-joint block that is free from defects.



We use acrylic primers and Oil base primers. 


Labelling and packaging


We offer UPC bar coding, labeling and shrink wrapping for home center distribution.  Our logistic department will handle container or flatbed truck delivery door to door in all the US and Canada.

B&C Millwork Treated Vascol Azure and Primed


We offer LOSP pressure treated products to provide for long lasting durability, providing for a 30 year warranty against fungal decay, rot and insect damage.

Recommended Installation and painting instructions

  1. End-Seal with a 100% Acrylic paint all end and edge cuts to limit water migration.

  2. Use stainless steel, aluminum, or galvanized screw or nails to prevent discoloration.

  3. Putty and prime with a 100% Acrylic paint all nail holes.

  4. Apply high performance, paintable caulking around windows, doors, and corners.

  5. Before 30 days after installation apply two or more coats of high quality exterior 100% acrylic finishing. See below for painting:

    • Ensure all surfaces are dry, clean and free of any contamination, e.g. dust, and mildew, etc. before painting.

    • Do not paint with temperatures’ below 55 F.

    • Finish 2 coats should provide a minimum of 4 dry mils.

    • Allow minimum 24 hours between coats.

    • Always follow the paint manufacturer’s application guidelines.

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