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B&C Sidings



We begin with Radiata Pine from well managed and sustainable forests in Chile. Sawn lumber is carefully kiln dried, conditioned and manufactured into B&C Siding. 


  1. Treated Vascol Azure and Primed, available for Interior and Exterior applications.

All our B&C Siding are finger jointed, edge glued, sanded, molded and primed adding additional stability, ensuring profiles that lay true and flat. In our process, we start with clear # 1 finger-joint block that is free from defects.  That enables us to offer 16’ and 20’ products that are fully reversible, surfaced in either S4S or S1S2E (Resawn textured) face.  

Finger Jointing and Edge gluing Facts:


EPI are water borne dispersion based adhesives. The adhesives are based on special quality dispersions, which together with an isocyanate hardener provide high quality and performance bonding.


The adhesives have very high moisture, heat and solvent resistance.  Examples of application areas besides small dimension laminated beams window frames, exterior doors and trim boards.


The glue joint fulfils the requirements according to SS-EN-204-D4 as well as the JIS K6806, type 1, for use in production according to JAS MAFF No. 1152, exposure class C. The joint also has good resistance against creep and constant load. 1972/1992 has fulfilled ASTM D5751 as well.


Neither the EPI Adhesive 1972 or 1989 nor the hardener 1992 contains any added formaldehyde.



B&C Sidings are available in 1" x 4" through 1"x 12" patterns, with length in 12’, 16’ and 20’, no trim-backs, and other length on request.

Download B&C Product Manual Here


B&C Siding “Treated Vascol Azure and Primed”


This product is pressure treated with LOSP to ensure long lasting durability and warranted protection against fungal decay, rot and insect damage.  These treated products are safe and effective for both interior and exterior (above ground) application, and are used in all types of construction projects, ranging from residential housing units to commercial office buildings, hotels and schools. 


This provides flexibility for use on any project, in applications ranging from fascia boards, edge and corner trim boards, door and window casing and trim.  Protect your structure from weather and rain, while adding character and beauty to finished look.

Important Notice

It is absolutely necessary that this product be maintained in a totally dry environment (including protection from moisture uptake from damp ground, snow or ice) until it is installed and before 30 days of installation it is painted with two or more high quality exterior 100% acrylic finishing coats.

Recommended Installation and painting instructions

  1. End-Seal with a 100% Acrylic paint all end and edge cuts to limit water migration.

  2. Use stainless steel, aluminum, or galvanized screw or nails to prevent discoloration.

  3. Putty and prime with a 100% Acrylic paint all nail holes.

  4. Do not install within 8”of ground level.

  5. Apply high performance, paintable caulking around windows, doors, and corners.

  6. Before 30 days after installation apply two or more coats of high quality exterior 100% acrylic finishing. See below for painting:

    • Ensure all surfaces are dry, clean and free of any contamination, e.g. dust, and mildew, etc. before painting.

    • Do not paint with temperatures’ below 55 F.

    • Finish 2 coats should provide a minimum of 4 dry mils.

    • Allow minimum 24 hours between coats.

    • Always follow the paint manufacturer’s application guidelines.

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