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I am pleased to write to you, our customers and anyone interested in our products, first to say hello and thank you for the use of our products and services. We have renewed B & C Lumber's web page, and I am very proud to take this important step for our company. This step also involves greater responsibility and dedication to our customers, to keep working hard for you, in order to maintain the leadership in our products, services and communication. My name is Miguel Angel Fuentes and I am the CEO of B & C Lumber. Our company is a Chilean remanufacturing plant and we have been manufacturing Sidings and Trim Boards for the US and other markets for 20 years. During this time we have been growing and adapting to the demands of our customers and the market. We employ extensive training of our staff, innovating and introducing new technologies and equipment, maintaining an outstanding service and high quality. We like a saying that is used in the US: “If you do not make dust, you eat dust”, and we want to keep making dust. We consider our work an important part of the dream of home ownership for many families in the US. We carry this mission with great dedication and enthusiasm along with many other producers, distributors, architects, builders and many more, which in a symphony whose director is the owner of the house, all melodically play their instruments to make this dream become a reality. It is hard to believe that we’re selling dreams, but that’s what we do… with our quality that gives trust



Miguel Angel Fuentes


B & C Lumber.

Made from renewable source, based on a sustainable plantation forest cultivated under Certification standards.

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Real wood improved by science. Engineered wood product easy to use, safe and protected against environment to last longer.


  • EXPERIENCE: We are a softwood remanufacturing mill located in Concepcion, Chile with over 20 years of experience producing for the US siding and trim market.

  • PRODUCT QUALITY: Our experience, our implementation of the latest manufacturing technologies and our commitment to quality have established us as one of the most reputable wood siding and trim manufacturers in the market.

  • DELIVERY: At B&C we do much more than simply fill and ship orders.  We are committed to giving the best service possible through flexible production planning, regular information updates and door-to-door coordination in Chile and the US.

  • A TRUSTFUL PARTNER: We are focused on developing long-term partnerships with our customers. For us, that means working with our customers to find solutions that make the partnership stronger in the marketplace over time.

  • INNOVATION: In our history we have constantly introduced the latest technology available and are always searching for ways to further improve our manufacturing process.  This mindset also applies to our products, which we are constantly developing. 

Company History


Our beginning



Blocks and Cutstock S.A. was founded in Concepcion, Chile, the year 1996 by its owner Miguel Angel Fuentes.


B&C started its operations with only 6 employees manufacturing Radiata pine 4/4 finger joint blocks for the US market.

During these last 20 years, B&C has slowly but steadily grown by reinvesting in new technologies in order to be at the forefront of quality and service.  This process has allowed the company to grow its product offering from radiata pine blocks to ready to use products for the interior and the exterior of a home.  A 


Today our team has grown to around 200 direct employees  and our main products are finished and ready to use:  Trim Boards, Siding and Millwork.


Looking forward into a very dynamic market, B&C has been working to be on the cutting edge of technology and service.  To achieve this we have been adding training and experienced employees, state of the art equipment and the lates technologies, distribution services, marketing and technical information and product certifications. Today we can offer the following certifications; FSC®,Fundacion Chile, TPAA and Cal Fire Certifications.


For our Treated and Primed Exterior products we can offer 30 years Limited Warranty. Special packaging, as shrink wrapping per piece and labeling for retail and lumber yards. All our products are loaded into the container at the mill, and shipped to the door of our customer’s warehouse in the US and Canada.


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Address: Camino a Coronel 6058. San Pedro de La Paz. Región del Bío Bío. Chile.

Phone: +56 9 88398339 - +56 41 2390084


Mail Box: 2350. Concepción, Chile.

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