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B&C Lumber



B&C Lumber begin with Radiata Pine logs from well managed and sustainable forests in the south of Chile.  Our sawn lumber is kiln dried, conditioned and packaged ready for the market. 


  1. Green Rough sawn

  2. Kiln Dried Rough sawn and S4S

  3. Kiln Dried Treated, available for exterior applications. 

Lumber grades and treatments

  1. Green rough sawn dimensioned lumber for packaging, and crating

  2. Kiln dried rough sawn and S4S lumber for fencing, packaging and crating

  3. Kiln dried rough sawn and sorted as: COL Grade, APG and Common boards for industrial grades as furniture and interior home decoration.

  4. Treated Radiata pine lumber; for exterior uses:

  5. UC-3A pressure treated timber is recommended for use in applications above ground such as fencing, timber decking (terraces) and other landscaping and construction timbers.

  6. UC-4A pressure treated timber is recommended for ground contact general use.

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